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SPACE VENTURES is a young dynamic company with dedicated focus on international education outreach programs. We aim to create a scientifically aware society and contribute to the technological and social development of the country. The brand of SPACE VENTURES is innovation and total commitment to spread knowledge of astronomy and space sciences amongst the masses. We provide services and products that enable learning in fun and exciting ways in the area of exciting hands-on astronomy education and Astor-tourism services that can be customized as per school curriculum. We are the motivated team driven by highly skilled educationists and tourism professionals constantly striving towards bringing the best to our partners. Every project in SPACE VENTURES is an opportunity for us to communicate our belief in developing scientific temperament in children, to create an intelligent and analytic global community. 

The Space Settlement Design Competition is an international annual contest for school students by NASA.It provides perfect platform to show you creative and innovative side

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Visit to Kennedy Space Center plus to mesmerizing disney themed parks and Water parks, Surely make these tours educational and fun filled.

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Education Tours

Space Campers are encouraged to pursue science, technology, engineering and math through exciting educational activities at Kenney Space Center

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Space Camp


  • You get to meet the most respected intellectuals of the world...like we met Sunita Williams and stay in awe of space science for days after having seen various space center demonstrations.- Milan Singh, 2007

  • Competition really gets the best out of your innovative and creative skills .Feeling of working in NASA environment as a real companies is amazing. Things i learned during the competition days are more useful then everything i learned at school. - Bhawandeep Singh, 2007