• To provide superior educational program in science and engineering for secondary school students.

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  • Present students with unique opportunities other than regular curriculum

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  • Once in a life time opportunity to meet an industry leader, NASA scientist, and Astronauts

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  • Realistic Panel sessions, mealspeakers, individual presentations, exhibits, etc.

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  • Get an opportunity to present your Ideas at International Space Design Conference

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  • In collaboration with NASA Ames Research Center

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"We learn science at school, but this is the reason why."

The Space Settlement Design Competition is an annual contest for school students organized by National space society. You and your team will compete by developing an innovative proposal which includes design, construction and operation of space related project. You will be asked to submit a report for review by SPACE VENTURES which in turn will submit your report to competition judges, and then in May, teams will have the opportunity to present their design at the three days Conference. Teams will have the opportunity to  hear researchers at the N.A.S.A. and in the aerospace industry, meet individuals from different fields in Space Research and Engineering, and make new friends who share your energy and enthusiasm about space and science. It’s really a lot of fun! And of course, this is also where you show off your hard work and creativity in the forms of public display.

Space Settlement Design Competition is organized by Nasa's Ames Research Center.

Competition takes place at different cities around the world.Last year it was held in Toronto CA.

Annual 4 days event held in month of May which includes Panel sessions, meal speakers, individual presentations, exhibits, etc.

The participants Competition play the role of engineers for the future world, who ultimately make the link between science, technology and society.

Design a city in space that will house over 10,000 people (a space colony).Get an opportunity to present your Ideas at International Space Design Conference

Submit a 40-60 page proposal including Structural Design, Operations, Human Factors , Automation and Finance.


"Learn BIG things in fun ways"

Real-World Engineering

The Space Settlement Design Competition provides students excellent insights and hands on experience to Rocket science.

Exercise Creativity

Marvelous products are made when engineering meets innovation.The Space Settlement Design Competition enables student to unleash their creativity.

Learn Teamwork

The Space Settlement Design Competition is composed in such a way that students will learn to co-operate and build project,Just like real world.

Management abilities

Students will have to manage different aspects of projects at same time.Thus gaining valuable management abilities which are great in long run.

Gain Presentation Skills

All your work goes in vain if you can't present it well.The Space Settlement Design Competition refines presentation skills of students

Lifetime Opportunity

Not only students get a chance to developing models and projects with great practical value but also gets chance to meet astronauts and top scientist of NASA


"You don't have to be an astronaut to EXPLORE space!"

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