"Just a beginning to life changing event."

  • Agreement with the institution
  • School shortlist 10-12 students on basis of :-
    • Written task
    • Interview
    • Group Discussion
  • Space Ventures conducts workshops and training.
  • Preparation and submission of report by students.
  • Filling of Visa Papers
  • Preparation for Visa Interview
  • Air travel Arrangements
  • Preparation for conference.
  • Proceed for Conference.

Students will display and present their project at International Space Design.during this course of journey students will learn what it takes to achieve a goal, whilst use of imagination, working with other people and tenacity.


By interacting with NASA Scientists students will gain new insight and perspective to world,Many of these skills will become crucial factors in their college and further.


Happening of this competition, having exposed to new people, ideas, places and opportunities will make new person.Scientist,Researchers will deliver lecture to inspire students and share their experience

Wining Moments

Students will return passionate, motivated, and determined to succeed.There are so many invaluable lessons from this experience, not only what Engineering is all about, but also the value of teamwork in working with others with deadline in moment.Surely after all the hard work wining moments will be precious for all throughout his/her lifetime .

Meet an astronaut

Only a handful of people get a chance to meet an astronaut in their life.Students participating in this competition will meet astronauts in interactive session.Possible there can't be any other activity a more educational and inspiring then this


Possibly there can't be any other activity a more educational and inspiring then this.This experience will surely change the career goals of most, open up new possibilities and expand their horizons,

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