Tour highlights

Day 1-2 : Flight to Zurich & “Stories of the Old Town” guided city walk

What links famous literati, scientists or visionaries, such as Albert Einstein, Lenin and the Dadaists, with Zurich? In the course of a two-hour guided stroll through Zurich’s Old Town, you can hear all kinds of fascinating stories about these and other well- known immigrants. The city tour takes in the houses where they lived, and also includes interesting anecdotes about other Zurich personalities. Train journey from Zurich Main Station up the Uetliberg Lunch at the Felsenegg panorama restaurant Museum Rietberg The Rietberg Museum is a museum in Zürich, Switzerland, displaying Asian, African, American and Oceanian art. It is the only art museum of non- European cultures in Switzerland, the third-largest museum in Zürich, and the largest to be run by the city itself Shopping spree along the Bahnhofstrasse Every big city in Europe has a ''Bahnhofstrasse'' (station street) but only one is/has become world famous: The ''Bahnhofstrasse'' of Zurich! Whoever visits Zurich, whether for business or as a tourist, should not miss the Bahnhofstrasse, which is situated in the heart of Zurich. Evening meal at the Zeughauskeller

Day 3 Interlaken tour and Jungfrau

It’s not unusual for a town to be on a river, lake or an ocean. But for it to sit between two lakes may well be unique. Interlaken - between lake thun and lake brienz - can boast such a privileged position. And there’s more. Interlaken is also in the heart of the magnificent jungfrau region mountain world and affords views of the world- famous icy icons, the eiger, mönch & jungfrau. Optional games Evening train/bus to Geneva

Day 4 CERN Laboratory

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world's largest particle accelerator. Its 27 km ring is buried 100 metres below the French and Geneva countryside. The LHC was designed to explore the biggest mysteries of our Universe... What happened after the Big Bang? How did our Universe evolve? These are just some of the many questions being investigated.

Day 5 The Jet d’Eau, Geneva’s landmark

The lakeshore’s star attraction is the water jet, dazzling visitors as it shoots 140 metres into the sky. It is best seen from the Bains des Pâquis, this incredible ‘beach’ in the city centre where Geneva’s smart set meets for a swim, a sauna or to eat a fondue! Another exceptional vantage point: a boat cruise on the lake, offering a unique view of the MontBlanc!

Day 5: Dubai Museum/ Flight back to India

Dubai Museum is the main museum in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is located in the Al Fahidi Fort built in 1787 and is the oldest existing building in Dubai. The museum was opened by the ruler of Dubai in 1971, with the aim of presenting the traditional way of life in the Emirate of Dubai. It includes local antiquities as well as artifacts from African and Asian countries that traded with Dubai. It also includes several dioramas showing life in the emirate before the advent of oil. The Palais des Nations, symbol of Geneva, capital of peace The European headquarters of the United Nations have become the centre of world diplomacy. Under the dome of the "Human Rights and Alliance for Civilisations' Room", many secrets are shared. And on the Place des Nations, standing in front of the monumental ‘Broken Chair’, you are reminded of Geneva’s contribution to peace and freedom.The birthplace of fine watch making: from the Flower Clock to the watchmakers’ shops It’s just a few steps from the flowers of Geneva's most famous clock to the dazzling shop windows of the Rue du Rhône, where you can find an amazing concentration of world famous watches and luxury brands. From fashion to jewellery, the great brands that give Geneva its reputation all have their own boutiques. A shopping paradise at your feet! The Old Town and its treasures Switzerland’s biggest historical city is overlooked by St. Peter’s Cathedral, the centre of the Reformation movement. 157 steps lead to the top of its tower for a stunning view of the town. Stroll along the backstreets and discover the city’s many historical treasures.

Day 6 Flight to Paris

Paris City Tour The elegance, the beauty - Paris is a dream that you'll be living during your stay. See the cobbled streets of the Left Bank, the Napoleonic splendour of the Ecole Militaire and of course the structure that they thought wouldn't last more than a few years - the Eiffel Tower! Take time out to explore the Paris you've been looking for on an open top bus tour; historical, romantic, fashionable, fun and shopper friendly. Hop off at the Champ de Mars, or Field of Mars, a vast lawn area with wide walking paths crossing scenic lawns. The borders of the park are lined with a variety of trees and flowering shrubs and beautiful flowerbeds can be found throughout the park. The park is named after the Campus Martius in Rome, a tribute to the Roman god of war. The most prominent feature in the garden is the Eiffel Tower, one of the most famous and visible icons of Paris. The Tower is an iron lattice tower built in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel and at 324 metres it’s the tallest building in Paris and one of the most visited monuments in the world. Journey up the Tower for breath-taking views which are particularly enjoyable at sunset. Hop off at The Musee du Louvre, originally a royal fortress, where several hours can be spent exploring the world renowned museum which houses 35,000 works of art. Symposia, readings, films and concerts can also be enjoyed in the auditorium.

Day 7-8: Shopping - Flight to Delhi