If yes is the answer to any of the questions below, come join NASA's Space Settlement Design Competition

  • ... love space?

    At the NASA's Space Settlement Design Competition, you won't only meet people who love space as much as you do; you will meet people who actually live the dream! This is the perfect opportunity for high school students like you to interact with real space professionals - people who build satellites, plan missions, and make the decisions.

  • ... crave to go beyond textbooks and assignments?

    As participants Space Design Competition, you don't crunch numbers or recite the periodic table. The math and science you do with us have real, creative, and more challenging applications - like keeping spaceships in the sky, or building a base on the moon.

  • ... dream of brilliant ideas?

    The Space Design Competition lets you put those dreams to good use. Whether you are designing a space station or starship, you will have to rely on your creativity and ingenuity to dream up new solutions to challenging new problems.

  • ... want to become an engineer?

    Join the Space Design Competition and embark early on your exciting journey. Tour N.A.S.A., play the role of real engineers in designing solutions for interesting problems, and then find out how well you've done through feedback from real industrial professionals. It's a lesson you don't want to miss.

  • ... enjoy competitions?

    Think your ideas are unbeatable? Well, this is the event where you can prove yourself to people as bright as you. The Space Design Competition brings together brilliant minds from all around the world, so get inspired. It's not just a competition; it's an experience that may change you forever.

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